The Art of French Pastries

Every day, we share great pastries with our friends and bring a little more love to our community.


We have kept this original dream since opening in 2012, and it is just as true today as it was then.


Finesse Pastries was established in 2012 in Manchester, NH. Since then, we have been awarded Best Bakery in NH 2016, our coffee eclair has won Editor's Choice for NH Magazine's Best of NH, won the Hippo's Best Desserts in NH each year, Best Bakery in Manchester each year and won the Union Leader's Reader's Choice Best Bakery. In 2016, we relocated Finesse to Boston, MA to share our handcrafted, made from scratch pastries with more people, and you can find us at the Boston Public Market and in Somerville.


An Artist of Deliciousness

As a child, Chelsey Erickson (the founder of Finesse Pastries) started to immerse herself in desserts. She has fond memories of time spent with her dad together in the kitchen, baking simple items. Something as simple as a brownie can bring us the simplest happiness. For her, the pastry represents a connection with her family and something that can show love between people.


Going to France to refine her skills, Chelsey studied how to make delicate desserts, and there she learned to focus on every detail. Every small aspect of a dessert includes many components and getting it right can be time-consuming. “I was crazy for three months, baking the same macaron over and over to make it perfect,” said Chelsey. Since macarons are tricky to get right, often too caky, too sweet, or not the right texture, she is proud that Finesse Pastries really makes them perfect. Just like the brand name, we are devoted to making pastries with finesse that will impress everyone.


Pastries with Happiness

We believe the greatest affection can be shown among family, friends, or loved ones through our pastries.


We hope to create not only the desserts but also the connection and love that we want to deliver.


We also offer baking classes in order to share our passion for making pastries with as many people as we can.


An emphasis on quality, the simplest happiness, and the smile on every face, these are what we want to put out into the world.

Boston Globe

Seven participants gather at worktables in the kitchen at Finesse Pastries in Somerville as mixers hum, whirling egg whites into stiff, glossy peaks. They came to learn how to make French macarons... 

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2012    Best Desserts in NH

            Best Bakery in Manchester

2013    Best Desserts in NH

            Best Bakery in Manchester

2014    Best Desserts in NH

            Best Bakery in Manchester

2015    Best Desserts in NH

            Best Bakery in Manchester

2016    Best Desserts in NH

            Best Bakery in Manchester

            Best Bakery in NH 2016

            Editor's Choice for NH Magazine's Best of NH

            Union Leader's Reader's Choice Best Bakery

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