Baking Equipment

Here is the baking equipment that we use for making our pastries and for the classes. You can buy any of them from Amazon!

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Crestware 20-Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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Vollrath 52026 High-Temp Silicone Spatulas (16 1/2-Inch, NSF)

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OXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper

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Vollrath 52010 High-Temp Silicone Spatulas (10-Inch, NSF)

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Neeshow Professional Round Stainless Steel Flour Sieve with 60 Mesh (6 Inch, 18/8 Steel)

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Ateco 1303, Bowl Scraper

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Grade 18-Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pan/Bun Pan

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Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper

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Fasmov Parchment Paper Baking Liner Sheets Pan liner

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Winco Stainless Steel Piano Wire Whip, 12-Inch

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Food Coloring AmeriColor Soft - 8 Colors

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Kitchen Food Scale for Baking and Cooking

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Ateco 810 - 10 Piece Plain Tube Set, Stainless Steel Pastry Tips, Sizes 0 - 9

Fiddyment Farms 8 Oz. Pistachio Paste

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Ateco 4712 Disposable Decorating Bags, 12-Inch, Pack of 100

Ateco 4718 Disposable Decorating Bags, 18-Inch, Pack of 100

Wellbee's Super Fine Blanched Almond Flour/Powder 2 LB.

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