I'm Chelsey. This is me.

Before I get into all of my recipes, baking advice, and behind-the-scenes about owning a bakery, I figured I should tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Londonderry, NH, just about an hour north of Boston. I was lucky enough to have an amazing childhood. I have an older sister and younger brother. I think I got the sweet tooth for all three of us. Growing up my mom was more of the savory cook while my dad and I baked together all the time. I remember being very young and wanting cookies or brownies and thinking “I don’t have a car or money, so how do I get some?” After poking around the kitchen I realized, duh, make them yourself. I would also pull my dad into helping. I remember my dad always telling me to focus because I was always so excited that I would talk non-stop and not pay attention to what I was doing and usually mess up at some point. Baking is a science, so it did not go too well for me.

Luckily, I figured out that if I focused, the goodies would taste better than if I didn’t. When high school was coming to an end, I had no clue what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. My parents mentioned baking, but I initially didn’t think too much about it. The more it steeped in my brain, the more it made sense. I ended up sitting in on a class with Master French Pastry Chef Delphin Gomes at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. With his thick french accent, I had no clue what he was saying but knew everything would be awesome. I enrolled immediately after. After graduating from culinary school I had the luxury of going to France with Chef Delphin and meeting his mentor, Jean Creveux. I loved all of the pastries and couldn’t wait to go home and recreate them myself. I remember Delphin asking me when I was going to open my shop. I hadn’t told anyone besides my family, so had no idea how he knew. He said he could tell throughout the class by the type of questions I asked. He offered to help in any way he could.

About 7 months after graduating from culinary school I opened my shop in Manchester, NH. Five years later I moved my shop to Boston, inside the Boston Public Market. Just about a year ago I opened my second location in Somerville. While running a bakery can be difficult and lonely, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I thought I was completely prepared, but what no one tells you is that you can never be completely prepared for what is coming. It is kind of like being hit by a truck. Little did I know, I was actually going to be hit by a “mac” aron truck. But, I would rather have a terrible day running my own bakery than a great day doing anything else. I like knowing that my hard work directly correlates to how successful the business is. There is nothing like watching someone eat one of your pastries, cakes or macarons and their eyes getting wide after a couple of chews and then nodding their head profusely and telling their partner they have to try a bite. That is why I do what I do, to spread joy and happiness. To make a cake that a family will enjoy together at a birthday party or a macaron tower that a bride and groom will eat with their guests while celebrating their love. Who could ask for anything greater?

Enough about me already! Let’s get down to some of my favorite tips and recipes. Stay tuned!

Happy Baking!

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