Let's Start Baking!

Hi there!

My name is Chelsey! I am the pastry chef and owner of Finesse Pastries. I am a self-proclaimed “Mac Queen,” bakery owner and avid dessert eater. I am hoping to create this blog as a way to be able to spread my baking knowledge.

I get more passion from seeing the reaction on someone’s face when they realize what they can make pastries (with just a little bit of help) as I do. I hope this medium can help me go into depth about specific topics and baking questions, but also give some insight into what it is like to actually run a bakery from someone on the inside.

I would love to include lots of how-tos and all the little baking tricks that I want to talk about all the time but have no one to listen to! My husband, family, and friends do not want to hear anything about almond flour or freezer burn anymore. Hopefully, someone here does.

I’m new to blogging so bear with me here and I would love to hear feedback. Comment with any baking tips or topics you would be interested in hearing. Here we go!

Happy Baking!


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